Jason Leaver

Director/ Executive Producer / Editor
Jason Leaver studied Film at Ryerson Polytechnic University, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. By day he is a corporate video producer – always putting a creative/fun spin on things. By night he has created a number of short films. Out With Dad marks Jason’s first foray into web series production; for which he serves as the series creator, producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, visual effects and somehow finds time to maintain the series’ website and all other social networking.

In 2004 he was awarded “Best Technical Production” in the 2nd annual One Minute Film Festival in Toronto for the film Duplication Violation. Also in 2004, the film Steep Decision (co-directed by Shawn Willings) placed third out of forty in the annual 2880 Minute Film Challenge in the Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington. Given, produced in 2005 for the Toronto 24hr Film Challenge place second place out of 28 completed films. In 2008 his film Penance won two awards: “Best Use of Line” and “Best Use of Character” in The 48 Hour Film Project.  His video installation project “Mobius” was selected and appeared in Toronto’s 2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.  In February 2011, Jason was nominated for outstanding direction and outstanding writing in the Independent Soap Awards in NYC; and in March 2011 he won Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Cinematography in a Drama Series for in the 2011 LAweb Festival all for his work on Out With Dad. His short film lol_wom3n won Best Narrative at the 6th annual One Minute Film Festivalin Toronto.

Jason is also a co-organizer/co-host of the Toronto Web Series Community, a growing, supportive network of digital storytellers.

Elize Morgan

Creator/ Writer/ Executive Producer
Elize is the producer and co-creator of The Gate, and the creator of the web series about girl gamers, orc killing (attempted orc killing, to be fair – there are no orc genocides here), and LARPers Pretty in Geek.

Elize has an MA in Popular Culture, is related to an honest-to-goodness saint (no lying either, she’s totally related to Brother Andre), and was actually raised Catholic.

Elize is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre in the TV Writing program, has an MA in Popular Culture, and has written for both digital and TV projects with CTV, DHX, Slainte Pictures,, and more.

Elize has written for a variety of comedy and transmedia spaces – having written short films, TV and even an ARG (alternate reality game). Elize can be found on twitter. Her company is Alpaca vs Llama.


Ash Catherwood

Executive Producer

Ash Catherwood has been creating entertainment for the web since before the time of the iPod. In that time, he has learned a lot of technological and futurey sounding catch phrases, and has heard his fair share of opinions about how to succeed in the web game. He strongly believes that most of this is hogwash, and that the only thing that matters is quality. Smoke and mirrors be damned!


Bruce William Harper, DOP

Bruce is a writer, director and  cinematographer, and is no stranger to web series production. His writing/directing credits include the WWII drama A LUCKY STRIKE which was featured at the WildSound Film     Festival, and THE WORLD’S MOST FABULOUS OBJECT which has played in a number of film festivals around the globe, most notably TIFF’s Sprockets Festival and it is the winner of 6 awards including the People’s Choice award at Student Shorts in   Toronto.

Bruce’s Cinematography Credits      include MICROWAVE PORN and RUSTY GOES TO HELL (unreleased) for CANCELPROOF, THE STRAIGHTMAN (unreleased) for TEXTBOOK PRODUCTIONS, OUT WITH DAD for Jason Leaver Productions, SWEET FEVER for Sandbox Empire, as well as the long form series TEAM EPIC for POETIC LICENSE PRODUCTIONS. To date has been cinematographer on over 30 short films, music videos and documentaries and has worked with major brands such as Budweiser, Kraft, Sobeys and RSA. His online portfolio can be viewed at


Angela Morgan, Art Director

Angela has a wide  knowledge of period  costumes and crafting     techniques to create unique and functional one of a kind works of art. She has taken various courses in period   undergarment construction, along with jewellery design and sculpting & casting    techniques. She routinely uses materials which include fabrics, metals, leather,    precious stones, beads and glass, wood, paint, rubbers and plastics to create the   effects desired for the project in question.  She has worked for various theatre companies across Ontario as well as  being Wardrobe Mistress for the comedy web series Pretty in Geek. Angela is a graduate from Sheridan College’s Technical Theatre Program, specializing in Wardrobe, Props and Scenic Paint.
Nick Montgomery, Editor

Nick Montgomery is a Guelphite visual effects artist and cinematographer who has worked in the business for almost 10 years. In that time he has worked on various commercial and narrative projects, such as overseeing the entire look of the award-winning, fantasy webseries Mind’s Eye produced by Synn Studios.

Currently he is handling visual effects on the SNG spinoff Versus Valerie, Gamers: Hands of Fate from Zombie Orpheus Productions, as well as shooting for ReRez, a weekly video game review series. In his spare time he practices writing bios.

James Nadiger is a Vancouver ex-pat living in Toronto. He is currently writing for Ubisoft Montreal. Past projects include ambient scriptwriting for SLEEPING DOGS, an open-world crime video game developed by United Front Games and published by Square-Enix; transmedia writing for TIGHTS AND FIGHTS: ASHES, a superhero comedy web series produced by; punch-up writing for PRETTY IN GEEK, a web comedy about tabletop gaming; and writing and editing for DARK HORRORS, a graphic novel anthology published by Arcana Studios. More information on James and his projects can be found at


Thomas Pound

Peter Rowley

Natalia Lopez-Woodside

Eric Taylor   —–             Sound
Fraser Mills   —–          DIT / Assistant Editor
Joshua Avry   —–          Camera Operator
Logan Scott   —–           Camera Operator
Vanya Garraway —-     AD